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Taunton's home of good food, good entertainment and a complete catering service for functions in offices, clubs and homes

Check out our website for details of our current range of facilities and services. We will be only too pleased to help you arrange and run your own functions, whether public or private and, if there's something you would like but is not currently on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us. We want to help make your every function a success!

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Welcome to Automotive News TV I'm Schneider sitting in for Tom back. Coming up. Playing offense general motors' new CEO says let's attack. And tough recruiting. And the auto industry attract talented young women. But first BMW is expanding its use car offerings for dealers. In addition to its certified pre owned vehicle program BMW will spruce up other use numbers. The reason. And expect the decline in the amount of used inventory in the pipeline. A result of the slow sales market in 2008 and 2009. To fill the gap the auto maker is refurbishing road BMWs. That don't qualify for certification. Vehicles more than five years old. Or with more than 60000 miles. We spoke with BMW financial re marketing manager Tim at the national auto auction association convention in New York City. With the infrastructures dealers we had to find a way to. Continue to feed them with pre cars continued to feed their infrastructures. Sturm said BMW hopes lower priced used vehicles may attract new customers to the luxury brand. Speaking of BMW that's in the cross hairs of general motors' new CEO Dan actress and in an internal address to employees Akerson said GM should make better cars than the BMW 35. And seven series sedans. The Associated Press quoted as saying we need to be on the attack against rival companies. Today we continue our series on the 100 leading women in the North American auto industry. During this discussion with several of those top executives they raised the issue of recruiting young women into what many believe. Is that troubled automotive arena. Our Tom war back picks up the story from there. It has eight perception and especially the number bankruptcies and other. Not vital vibrant area great innovation even kids. And that's is the dilemma facing Ford's Nancy joy and other leading women who are trying to attract younger women to the auto industry. According to a 2006 National Science Foundation report. Women accounted for a mere 23%. To graduate students in the field of engineering. But the blue ovals some are says the problem can be traced back years earlier. A big part of its schools still are traditionally still don't. Particularly encouraged. Indoors women when they show that propensity for now it's time to continue on So Ford created the partnership. For advanced studies program. It's a high school education curriculum. Encourages. Kids from all now happy. To bring interstate But finding engineers isn't the only problem. Industry veteran Jan Thompson says it's even hard to attract young women to what is sometimes viewed this as cooler side of the business. Sales and market. You hate that there will be some kind of doing something fun like automotive. I mean you've got decent budget messaging don't have other verticals. You get a lot of exposure in this industry few hours in the season marketing area. So how do you make the industry appealing to young women. Terry Barkley from in forum which is a sponsor of the leading women event suggests showcasing new technology. Like sleek electric vehicles. One professor Barkley knows says female engineering students are responding. Hi this is as an asset. And so it's crazy it's. Here. Executives also believe the area of vehicle connectivity. Way to spark the interest of young women in lure them into the industry. For Automotive News TV. I'm Tom Our series continues next Wednesday when Tom explores the issue of diversity in the work place. You perspectives of all 100 of the leading women in Monday's print edition of Automotive News. And that's all for our show today thanks for watching everybody. And we'll see you back here again tomorrow. nike air max thea red North America: .4 billion, +13% cheap nike air max all gold cheap red nike air max speed turf

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